Masturbate in front of Husband

masturbation with husband

Masturbate in front of husband for added pleasure

Continuous and almost same type of intercourse process may bring you to a point of boredom. A woman should always try to make a change time to time to their sex life. One change you can make is to masturbate in front of your husband and / or with husband.

Definitely masturbation is all time alternative to intercourse. It adds more spice to your life when your husband watches you having pleasure by self satisfaction.

Perhaps you would have noticed during sex that your husband wants you to touch your nipples or vagina. Or he might have been asked you to touch yourself in front of him. At first woman are not comfortable for this in front of husband. But you should try this for an added pleasure.

Men are visual. That's why you wear short skirts and lingerie to stimulate him. Husbands like when their wives show them their bodies, even many husbands like when their wives show their bodies to other man like in short skirts etc. It is much erotic to them.

And it's even more erotic to a husband when he watches his wife actually touching and enjoying her sexually.

How To Start it!

Yes, it might be embarassing to many woman at first. But you do not need to start out doing everything all at once. The next time you are engaged in foreplay with your husband, move your own hand down your body a little. As he is kissing you, massage your own breasts and start play and pinch your nipples.

Take care that he looks you are doing this. When he looks to see what you are doing, offer him your breasts. Hold them while he licks and sucks. While he is doing this move your another hand to your inner thighs. Just start caressing your labia slowly. You will be amazed to look the reaction of your husband. He will be amazingly hot.

You may also do this while he is giving you oral sex. Caress your breasts, squeeze your nipples while he give you oral. Take care that he is looking what you are doing.

Let your fingers wander lower, and start circling your own clitoris.

It helps when you become an active participant in love making. If you haven't ever been brave enough to try touching yourself for your husband, try once. You will get great results.

female masturbation with husband