Masturbate techniques and tips for girls

female masturbation

Clitoral Masturbation Techniques

Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is perhaps best technique for masturbation. Hold your clitoris by placing thumb and forefinger on either side of your clitoris. Now gently roll it between your fingers. Start gently and slowly and increase the motion as your desire increases. You can use another hand to explore the vagina hole or vulva to heighten the sensation.

Circling the Clit

Simply place two fingers directly onto the clitoris, then begin rubbing them in a circular motion around and around. Vary the speed and position of the fingers until you find your sweet spot! This gives amazing pleasure.

Tapping Clitoris

Pull up the clitoral hood to open your clitoris to view. Put one or two fingers on clitoris, gently press and lift, keep it in rhythmic and fast action as if you are tapping firmly it.

Double Stimulation

Gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina and start tapping or rubbing the clitoris. This dual stimulation is intoxicating. Vary the speed to find suitable for you.

A B C D - 1 2 3 4

Use your fingers to trace the various letters of the alphabet and numbers across the clitoris. This is an excellent technique to determine the precise strokes that send you into orbit. For some women, 8 and W is best.

Triple Stimulation

Laying naked on your back, lubricate your anus, the anal area and your clitoris. Insert thumb inside your vagina and index finger inside your anus. Use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris while moving your thumb and index finger inside vagina and anus. This combination is guaranteed to bring you immense pleasure.

Brinjal / Banana / Other Objects Tips

Masturbation with Object / Brinjal / Banana / Cucumber

Take a brinjal or cucumber or banana. Put a few rubber bands on it and finally put condom on it. Penetrate it inside your vagina and masturbate. Rubbing of rubber bands on your vaginal walls will give great pleasure.

Wine bottle

Empty wine bottle is great to give you very satisfying orgasm. The cap rings carved on tip of bottle neck and shape of some bottle necks is great for a great orgasm. Simply put a condom on bottle neck and penetrate in your vagina. Start with slow movements continue to brisk movements for a great pleasure. It gives really great pleasure of deep penetration and makes masturbation enjoyable.

Vibrating Tooth-Brush

Use a vibrating tooth brush to stimulate your clitoris and vagina. Brush muste be clean or put a condom on it and you can also penetrate it for maximum pleasure.

Hair Brush

Put a condom on hair brush handle as it would not be as clean. Put it inside your vagina and masturbate. Pull it outside and inside it, rotate it, twist it whichever you like.


Wear knee length skirt without panty. Sit on bicycle so your skirt does not come between your vagina and bicycle seat. Ride cycle to outdoor. Try to rub your vagina on cycle seat / saddle while paddelling the bicycle.

Teddy Bear or Pillow Humping

Lie down your teddy bear. If you don't have a teddy bear put a pillow on bed. Put a soft folded towel roll on it. Sit on it so your vagina is on towel roll.

Move your hips back and forth. It gives amazing stimulatiom due to towel's surface. Thrust yourself up and down or from side to side to see what pleasures you the most. Must try this. Amzaingly stimulating!


Take any shamppo alike bottle with comparatively large mouth. Press the bottle as much as you can and put the mouth of bottle on your clitoris or vaginal opening. Now slowly release pressure on bottle so it will create a vacuum and suck your vagina. You'll find the sensation of sucking on your clitoris to be intoxicating. Be careful and do it slowly, as the sucking power of the vacuum can be painful.

Bathroom Techniques With Water

Shower Head

Make sure the temperature of the water is comfortable. Spread your vaginal lips and hold shower head directing to your vagina. Find a comfortable position, either sitting, laying or even standing in the shower. Change the flow of water in-between. Change the angle of shower head. You may find a direct stream onto the clitoris to be very exciting.


If you have a jacuzzi, use its jets of water on vagina. Start it reasonably far from water jets and come near when you feel best and doesn't hurt you.

Bottled Orgasm

Take an empty bottle which has a nozzle. If you can't find one, take any plastic bottle and pierce its cap to make a tiny hole / nozzle. Lie down inside water filled bathtub. Fill your bottle with water, close the cap. While keeping your vagina under water, make the water jet from bottle by squeezing bottle directly onto your vagina. Keep repeating and have great fun.


Put some ice cube inside your vagina. As it melts, you'll feel the water dripping down your thighs and around the anal area. Keep a few towels handy for this one!

Brake on Edge!

Use any of your favorite masturbation technique. When you feel you're about to climax, stop all actions and let yourself relax. When you are relaxed, again masturbate to reach near climax. Again stop all activities.

Do this several times before allowing yourself to actually orgasm. You'll find the resulting orgasm to be extremely strong. When you will be perfect in this, try to come closer and closer to each orgasm. Building up sexual energy during these cascades causes an immense release in the final orgasm. Many women report much longer and far stronger orgasms when using this technique.

female masturbation