How to Have Fun With Nipples


Breast and nipple are great way to change the self-pleasure routine. Breasts are perfectly designed to bring pleasure to women to the maximum of enjoyment and to some great orgasms.

Remember, it Does't Matter About Nipple Or Breast Size. The fun will be the same but also keep in mind that every breast is different and some women like a lot of stimulation whilst others may get aroused with the slightest of touches.

While playing with your breasts and nipples try to give almost same time to both breasts eitehr by playing with both breasts at same time or giving equal time to both changing breasts after a regular time.

This article is written by a renowned Ayurvedic sex therapist.

Nipple Play


Close all the doors of the room and switch all the phones off.

Remove all your clothes.

Lie on bed and make soft movements of your hands (palm) on your breasts. In the starting avoide the nipple areas, for few minutes or seconds. You will notice soon your nipples are erected and / or aerola is swollen. You will feel breasts will start tingle. Now caress with same soft hands over your nipples too.


Start slowly and be very gentle on your breasts and nipples. Spread your palms so your fingers are slightly backwards and gently move your palms on your breasts so that nipples are frictioned by palm skin and very gently your palm caress breasts. You will start getting aroused. Do it in circular motion and upside down whatever you like more.


Next, take the nipple with your forefinger and your thumb and rub it softly. Gently pinch them and pull softly. Twist them in both direction. You will feel great.


Spread your hands and keep your palms on your breast so that nipples are in the centre of your palm. Now start closing your all fingers so that your breasts are squeezed by fingers. Imagine your spread hand like an open umbrella and you are closing down umbrella. Repeat several time. You will feel great fun by squeezing your breasts in this way.

Remember all the time to listen to your mind. What geels good and more erotic to you repeat that more times. This can for some women be where possible sucking her won breasts comes into play.

Kissing / Sucking

At this time you must be pretty aroused. Now try to lift your breasts towards to your mouth and kiss them here and there. Spend some minutes in this. Then, when you are pretty hot, try to kiss and lick your nipples gently. Now try gentle bites on nipples. Repeat what you likes most. Nipple Play Is All About experimentation.

Though if your breasts are small you might find it difficult to kiss and lick nipples yourself.

A Little Pain (Optional)

Now your vagina will be wet and ready for a great sex. But it is still time for nipples!

Now squeeze, twist and pinch your nipples repeatedly. At this stage your must moving on bed rubbing your hips on bed. Keep pinching and squeezing your nipples.

Using Objects (Optional)

Take some ice cubes and tease your nipples with these ice cubes.

Take a feather preferably Peacock feather as Peacock feather is known for positive energy. Move feather over your nipples so feather caress your nipples. In-between turn feather and gently prick your nipples with pointed side of feather.

Apply honey or melted chocolate or cream of cake / pastry thoroughly on nipple and breasts and clean it by licking.

If you want more pain, take a paper clip or cloth clip. Be sure it is not too hard. Clip on both nipples. Gently loosen the clip and again leave it to become tight on your nipples. Keep repeating it.

Great Result, Great Enjoyment!

The overall affect it a wonderful build up of sensations and you will really be hot and horny and have great fun. Just concentrating on the breasts and nipples and suppressing the urge to move own below can be a rewarding and fun filled experience and one that I can personally recommend. In fact I was only doing the above just yesterday after being reminded of the fun of breast play from the reader who asked for this request.

Tips and Theories

Don't focus only in the nipple, the breast is a whole; caress the nipple, the areola, and the complete breast. You have to take your time to caress them, give them the importance that they have. Stimulate them.

Caress them softly but intensively at the same time. All the nerve endings make breasts more sensitive and if you caress them strongly or abruptly it may cause pain.

To caress the breasts not only can we use hands, but we can also lick them, suck them and nibble them softly, etc.

Touching the breasts properly makes easier to accomplish a successful intercourse and great orgasm. ,Remember, the breasts are closely connected to the clitoris, that's the reason why a good stimulation of the breast easily prepares you for an orgasm.


Courtesy : P.Shrotriya - Renowned Ayurvedic Sex Therapist